Enhanced clarity with lens coatings and treatments

Vision type

Your type of eye condition plays a factor in the cost of your lenses.

Lens & frame type

The type of corrective lens your prescription needs plays a part in the price you’ll pay. Your choice of frames can also have an impact on your total. For example, a thin titanium frame might require thinner lenses, which would incur additional costs.

Lens protection

All of our lenses come with a multi-layer anti-reflective coating. If you choose to add any lens treatments — such as blue light protection lenses or polarized lenses —this can l add to the overall cost.


Now that you understand your vision…

You’ll have a better idea of the corrective lenses that can help you see. There are a number of variables to consider when choosing lenses, including the thickness of the lens as well as the type of coating.


How thick will my lenses be?

Advanced lens production technology has helped us develop ultra-thin lenses designed to help you see clearly. Lens thickness is usually dependent upon the size, shape, and positioning of your eye. The high-index, ultra-thin lenses we outfit our frames with are pleasing to the eye and for the eyes. Based on your prescription, we will recommend the best lens index to ensure your lens thickness will fit right in with your frame.


Standard lenses are recommended for prescriptions ranging from +/- 2.50

Included in the price of all frames

Very thin (1.67)

This very thin lens is made for those with +/- 4.00 to +/-6.00

+ $120

Ultra thin (1.74)

Individuals with prescriptions above
+/- 8.00 need the thinnest possible lens,
and this is the choice our experts recommend.

+ $200


What lens protection option is right for me?

Sure, finding the appropriate lens for your prescription is a solid place to start. But to fully enhance the quality of your vision and improve your overall comfort, seek out a coating or treatment for your lenses. We have a wide range of options available to customize your lenses based on your unique needs.

Scratch-resistant and anti-glare

All BonLook lenses are treated with a standard scratch-resistant coating and a fine multi-layer anti-glare coating. The former protects them from minor micro-scratches caused by normal wear and extends their lifespan, while the latter eliminates reflections on the front and back of the lens thus improving lens transparency to help enhance your vision. We also offer a premium anti-reflective treatment which further reduces glare, enhances resistance to smudges and scratches, and provides an optimal visual experience.

Blue light filtering

Our everyday devices emit strong blue light which scatters easily, reducing contrast and causing eye fatigue. Specialists believe this type of light could disturb sleep and increase eye strain and fatigue. Our state-of-the-art BonLook Blue Light Protection lenses filter out the blue light and only have a slight yellowish tinge.

Available with:Standard lensesThin lensesVery thin lensesUltra thin lenses+ $75

High-index prescriptions

Those with high-index prescriptions can now enjoy a thin, lightweight lens that helps correct their vision. Our technology is designed to bend light more efficiently which requires less material to provide you with a lens that looks visually appealing.

+ $200

Custom lenses

Our custom lenses are tailor-made for your exact progressive or single vision lens prescription. With an advanced and innovative method, we’re able to fully measure the positioning and natural movements of the eye to provide you with uniquely customized lenses.

Pricing available in store through our opticians


Sunglasses, aka SPF for your eyes

While no further evidence is required to establish their fashion credentials, it is always apropos to remind ourselves of the incredible power of sunglasses: that of protecting us from the sun’s least kindly rays. If you ask us, that’s no small feat.


Yup, you can enjoy the sun without damaging your eyes. Our high-quality sunglass lenses provide optimum protection for your eyes with 100% UVA and UVB protection

Available with:Standard lensesThin lensesVery thin lensesUltra thin lenses+$50 with prescription+$0 without prescription


Light intelligent lenses that remain clear inside or at night-time and darken when activated by UV rays and temperature. This treatment reduces light sensitivity to protect your eyes from blue-violet light and glare. Our lenses come in your choice of tints, including regular transition lenses, as well as coloured and mirrored tints.

Available with:Standard lensesThin lensesVery thin lenses+$120 to $250


Light diffused by the sun is propagated in all directions, and when it hits flat and reflecting surfaces such as water, snow, or sand, it causes unpleasant glare. The polarized filter is applied to solar lenses to curb that glare and improve comfort and visual protection.

Available with:Standard lensesThin lensesVery thin lenses+$120 with prescription+$100 without prescription


Our gradient lenses are darker at the top and fade at the bottom for better vision and greater comfort. Available on an exclusive selection of glasses, these lenses can be selected without a prescription or with single vision lenses (and soon with progressives!). The darker portion blocks out overhead light, while the lighter part allows light to enter without obscuring your vision. In other words, the best of both worlds.

Offered on non-prescription glasses on selected collectionsIncluded in the base price (selected collections only)