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The start of something beautiful

We’re BonLook, and we’re creating remarkable eyewear that’s revolutionizing the way people shop for glasses. Our looks are modern, trendy, and made for you – and they start at $149, including frame and lenses.


“At BonLook, we believe that eyeglasses should be an expression of our personal style. We proudly celebrate diversity, from face shape to eyewear taste. Chez nous, you’ll always be able to find a pair that suits you, your look, and your lifestyle.”

Sophie & Louis-Félix Boulanger Co-Founders

High-quality eyewear at accessible prices

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Canadian designed

...with you in mind. Our in-house design team in Montreal creates on-trend and timeless styles, the result of months of research and product brainstorms.


What we mean when we say style

Style isn’t a fixed thing — it’s fluid, evolving just as you do. While glasses get a reputation for being a style to commit to, we beg to differ. Just like any accessory in your wardrobe, glasses are a part of your changing style: switch things up along with your mood, outfit, attitude, or lifestyle. Then strut your stuff.


Making an impact

As a company, we want to make sure the impact we have on our world is a positive one, and we want to let you in on our constantly evolving process.

Our efforts >