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Theright fit

There are several key factors to consider when it comes to finding a frame that fits: comfort, size, face shape, personal style and so much more!

A style all yourown

From understated to dramatic, our style guide helps you find the right frame shape to match with your gorgeous features.

Your prescription,your way

Making sense of your prescription isn’t always easy. We’re here to help you understand every number and acronym on that piece of paper.


The definition of a frame that fits

Glasses that fit well should sit snugly on your nose, comfortably on your temples, fit well behind your ears and never feel uncomfortable. Our optical team has come up with an easy-to-follow sizing guide to help you snag that perfect fit.

1) Frames should follow your brow line

2) Your pupil should be centred horizontally in each lens

3) The bottom half of the lenses shouldn’t sit at the top of your cheeks

4)Choose a colour of frame that complements your complexion and eye colour


Find your BonLook size.

Calculate your frame width in mm from one end piece to the other.


Sizing made easy

Our size chart in four steps:

1) With a ruler, measure the width of your face from temple to temple

2) Record the number in mm

3) Consult the adjoining chart to find the size range that fits you

4) With those numbers in mind, choose a frame you love among our various styles


What we mean when we say style

Style isn’t a fixed thing — it’s fluid, evolving just as you do. While glasses get a reputation for being a style to commit to, we beg to differ. Just like any accessory in your wardrobe, glasses are a part of your changing style: switch things up along with your mood, outfit, attitude, or lifestyle. Then strut your stuff. Round57Shop all round frames Cat-eye34Discover our cat-eye styles

Give it a (virtual) try!

Our superior virtual try-on technology gives you the full 180 view of how your glasses will fit straight from your digital device. No more “what ifs”.

1) Select a style you love. Look for the “virtual try-on” button on the product page

2) Make sure to have an ID or credit card handy (you’ll be using it as a measuring tool!)

3) Once you initiate the virtual try-on, follow the instructions (don’t move too quickly, otherwise you’ll have to re-record your video).

4) See (and love) how you look!